Hi Track Parents!

I wanted to touch base with all of you and let you know what we discussed in the Track Teams Meeting yesterday and give you an update as elusive as it may be at this time.

In our meeting, I gave the kids the only information the other co-op coaches and I have, which is that NDHSAA is not going to make a decision regarding the status of the season until after April 30th and that decision will be based on social distancing protocols and the status of the schools at that point.

IF (notice the big if) school is back in building at that point, they do plan on having a short season which would include one or two pre-qualifying meets and then the Regional meet on the 16th of May followed by State for qualifiers on May 22nd-23rd. IF (again a big one) these meets do end up happening we don’t know what that will look like, I am certain there will be several precautionary measures to insure that it would be safe for the kids to participate… But that is yet another bridge that we will cross IF we get there.

If (normal size and more probable if) schools are still doing the Distance Learning at the beginning of May the season would likely be cancelled.

With that we are going to start up virtual practices today. I told the kids their participation at this point was totally up to them but I would encourage them to continue practicing regardless of whether or not we get to have meets this year. Taking an entire year “off” would be detrimental to their success in future seasons. And IF (big one) we do end up having a short season the kids will be more prepared and most importantly less prone to injury because they have been practicing. I also think that it is super beneficial for them to have something to do that keeps them active and motivated.

Regardless of whether we get to compete this season I am still their coach and that is something that means a lot to me and that I take seriously. I feel that it is my job to encourage and support the kids in whatever capacity I can in this unusual time. I am going to do that through having daily virtual practices. I will post practices on Teams every “school day” and coordinate the distribution of implements to those kids that plan on still participating. The kids that do continue are asked to check-in daily at 3:30 in the format of a quick Teams meeting. The kids were also reminded that they needed to be sticking to the social distancing protocols for these practices and that I do not encourage or endorse them getting together to do these practices.

If you guys have any questions, concerns, comments or ANYTHING please feel free to reach out!



Sadie Wulf